Odoo 17: A revolution in the ERP Universe

    Odoo 17 is finally here, and syscoon has summarized this version's most important new features for you. On November 8, 2023, Odoo 17 was presented at the Odoo Experience Days 2023. This major release promises not only outstanding user-friendliness, but also improved performance and enhanced data analysis options. 

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    (An overview of all new accounting functions relevant to the German market can be found here)

    Main highlights, including:

    • Comprehensive redesign of the user interface and codebase
    • Integration von AI
    • Industry libraries
    • Whatsapp integrated in Odoo 17

    1. A breath of fresh air in design and user-friendliness
    With a comprehensive redesign of the user interface and codebase, Odoo 17 presents itself in a new guise. The simple and pleasant user interface, including modernized icons, enables individual adjustments and is highly responsive both in dark mode and on various devices.

    2. Efficient user experience through shortcuts and customizable popups​
    The user experience has been further improved by the introduction of shortcuts that enable the quick selection of data records. Drag and drop now also enables the customization of popups according to individual needs and workflows.

    3. Odoo 17 Search: Clear structure in the new Milk theme
    The search function shines in Odoo's new Milk theme, combined with the "Filter", "Group" and "Favorites" functions for user-friendly navigation and efficient searching in several Odoo apps simultaneously.

    4. Lists, Kanban and spreadsheets
    In Odoo 17, list and Kanban headers can be pinned to the top to keep them visible when scrolling. Another new feature is the ability to create snapshots and add images in spreadsheets, which significantly enhances the apps in Odoo 17.

    5. To-Do, PoS and e-signature: innovations in the workflow
    The Odoo To-Do replaces the Odoo Notes module and integrates seamlessly into the entire Odoo Business Suite. In the PoS module, restaurant operators can now show the preparation status of orders on the display. The e-signature function revolutionizes document management by providing reminders for outstanding signatures.

    6. AI integration with ChatGPT
    The integration of ChatGPT in all apps enables the creation and customization of content in any HTML field in the Odoo backend and frontend. From recommendations to personalized user interactions, AI promises a new era of application usage.

    7. Industry-specific data modules
    Odoo 17 introduces industry-specific data modules, also known as "industry libraries". These preconfigured modules offer best practice apps, functions and workflows for different industries and save time during implementation.

    8. Integration of Whatsapp and third-party apps
    The integration of Whatsapp enables documents such as quotations, order confirmations, delivery bills and invoices to be sent directly. The update of the apps in Odoo 17 not only brings new functions, but also seamless integration of third-party applications.

    9. Marketing & website area: new apps and automation
    In the Marketing & Website section of Odoo 17 there are new apps for CRM, website and eCommerce. A website scraper makes it easier to convert your current website into an Odoo website without tedious manual rebuilding. Improved automation and advanced features are integrated into CRM and Website.

    Our verdict:​
    Overall, Odoo 17 promises an improved user experience, more powerful functions and a more comprehensive integration of AI into the entire workflow. These new features should not only increase efficiency, but also improve adaptability to different industries and individual requirements. Odoo 17 thus marks a significant major release that represents a comprehensive modernization and expansion of the Odoo platform.

    (An overview of all new accounting functions relevant to the German market can be found here)