Making German-Accounting more convenient!

With the Expert-Package-Germany we offer a set of modules that have been developed especially for the German-speaking market and thus extend the Odoo standard by several essential functions. Contains, among other things, an ELSTER-Connection.

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    Included modules  

    Automatic discount posting upon payment

    Our cash discount module provides you with additional information on the cash discount details and deadlines intended for the payment in the incoming and outgoing invoice overview. When creating payments, these discount amounts are automatically considered and deducted from the payment amount. The booking is done automatically within the payment to the specified discount account.

    The module is generally multicompany compliant. After installation, the functions are available for each company. A separate configuration is administered for each company created.  

    Documents - forbidden delete

    In standard Odoo you can archive documents first and then delete them. This app prevents the last step, so that documents can never be removed (but still be archived).


    An app that enables the electronic transmission of tax returns directly from Odoo. The values from the current accounting are transmitted electronically to the tax authorities in a plausibilized form via the ERIC program interface. You no longer have to fill out forms or manually transfer the figures from accounting to the Elster portal. You save time and avoid typing errors.

    The corresponding transfer protocols are automatically filed and archived in Odoo.

    Possible applications

    Currently, the following tax returns are provided for automatic electronic transmission:

    VAT return

    Corrected VAT return

    Request for permanent extension of time

    Recapitulative statement

    Date of Service

    With the app syscoon_date_of_service_invoice you have the possibility to select the service period in terms of § 14 paragraph 4 no. 6 UStG when creating invoices in Odoo. You can choose whether the service period or a specific service date will appear on the invoice.

    Possible applications

    Customer Invoices with VAT.

    Negative Assets (SoPoRL)

    Using this app it is possible to post negative fixed assets in Odoo. This option does currently not exist, but may be necessary e.g. for special items with a reserve component. 


    Special items with an equity part are depreciated in the same way as fixed assets. Since these items are liabilities, they are written off on the credit side.


    This module adds the ability to assign unique sequential partner numbers to contacts/partners via a new field. This makes it easy to identify and/or assign the right partner. The partner number is linked to the respective partner across all apps.

    Reclassification of Debit Liabilities and Credit Receivables

    A batch run, that enables a reclassification of debit liabilities and credit receivables at the end of a period.


    When there are unbalanced items on the credit side of the debit reconciliation account "Trade Receivables", the sum is reclassified to a credit account via a batchrun, usually done on the closing date. The entry is then reversed on the following day.


    Package price

    3000 .00

    / one time
    • Full access to modules


    600 .00

    / annually
    • Update to always latest version
    • Bugfixes and further development
    • Modules at upgrade also for other Odoo versions
    • discounted support

    *All prices are net plus VAT 

    The upgrade subscription always gives you access to the latest version of the module incl. all features. Furthermore, we provide you with the modules for other Odoo versions free of charge, should you change your Odoo version.