Our Odoo accounting solution
is GoBD/IDW PS 880 certified.

syscoon Accounting is a modular FiBu solution and extends the Odoo standard functions so you can build upon reliable, digitized and legally sound accounting.

Since 2021, our Odoo FiBu solution is the only odoo solution worldwide to be GoBD/IDW PS 880 certified.  

Our modules include the DATEV import/export,, the automatic creation of debtors and creditors as well as the GoB extension among many others.

Accounting export DATEV-ASCII


  • 1000,- €

  • 250,- € annual upgrade subscription

Available for Odoo 10 - 15 

Export of the complete accounting data from Odoo to DATEV in the known DATEV format or any other accounting software compatible with the DATEV format. Setup for one company and short introduction are included.

The module also includes another module for the automatic account generation of accounts receivable and accounts payable when adding new customers or suppliers.

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Accounting import DATEV-ASCII


  • 500,- €

  • 200,- €  annual upgrade subscription

Available for Odoo 10 - 15 

This module makes it possible to import bookings from DATEV to Odoo. The basic requirement here is the accounting export DATEV-ASCII module. .

Complete accounting data can be imported from DATEV to Odoo. In the case of bank postings, invoices existing in Odoo are automatically marked as paid. An automatic cash discount posting made in DATEV is also taken into account. Setup for one company and a short introduction are included.

Accounting export  DATEV-XML


  • 500,- €

  • 200,- €  annual upgrade subscription

Available for Odoo 10 - 15 

Export of outgoing and incoming invoices with detailed invoice and document information including document files for DATEV document import.

A prerequisite for the module is the accounting export DATEV-ASCII.

Automatic creation of accounts receivable and accounts payable


  • 200,- €

  • 50,- € anual upgrade subsciption

Available for Odoo 10 -15

This module is included in the accounting export DATEV-ASCII, but can also be purchased individually.

This module enables you to create new accounts receivable and accounts payable automatically when creating a customer/supplier, when creating a quotation/order or when creating an invoice. The debtor number can be automatically stored as a customer number if desired.

GoB-compliance module
including certification


  • 5000,- €

  • 1000,- € anual upgrade subscription

Available for Odoo 14 - 15

This module improves the GoBD compliance of Odoo accounting. It allows the legally valid posting of accounting records and offers additional improvements. All accounting records receive a unique sequential numbering and a hash value that prevents any future manipulation. Postings that have been fixed in this way can no longer be reset to the draft. Documentation is also included. The module is certified for version 15 and is delivered with an auditor's certificate.

and many more...


  • Upon request

Available for Odoo 8 - 15

Through our many years of experience with FiBU topics of all types, we have developed dozens of other module extensions for customer specific needs that are not listed here, but address more technical challenges.  

Maybe we have exactly what you need already in use. Just contact us and we will be happy to help you.

* All prices are net plus VAT.

The upgrade subscription always gives you access to the latest version of the module including all feautures. Furthermore, we provide the modules for other odoo versions free of charge, should you change your odoo version.